Saturday, June 28, 2003

gradnite foto long long time ago...

still damn pissed w miself for letting in 3 goals in e last game...where was i for all 3 shots arrrgh really damn irritated w miself...cong blames himself for the goals but i dun think so la cos the defence is really shaky at the back n especially with those bloody high bouncing balls...defence buck up! think i've lost the fire man been really slack at times during e game aiyah old already la no fitness man but now reall physche up for the return leg n like choo say muz smash those buggers till they cry for their mudders...
choo leading e attack muz fire in more goals man! while e defenders dun ever think of attacking again or else...liang u get it? haha miself oso la shud be more disciplined from now on...really damn remorseful for lacking concentration at times arr
ok watever need to study man...common tests will die again but mr chin always say 'never say die' so still muz chiong!!

Sunday, June 22, 2003

choo complains to me abt issac not barajaing him to seoul garden yestday...he sounds desperate for some treat n that bum still owes me money haha...ok at least i think he shud try to score more goals against the vs team to make up for his miss in the esmcc match which eventually cost us the game...or else i shall come forward n replace him as striker n he plays last man...it's quite a brilliant move isn't it?

isaac treats botak gang to seoul garden on his bday...n i haven't slept since the cycling thingy but i still went cos issac treat wat n the brothers all going too...dill suans aDu while queuing n was hilarious...lum n yichung n weisheng n alec oso came n alec the tyrant shouted at the seoul garden waitress when she brings the lousy ice cream with one candle on top when we already bought a so damn expensive durian cake n hence sent her crying away...then the seoul garden waiter plays a dumb game with issac n makes him touch himself all over...n he seems to haf enjoyed it...den lum shows his scary photo which got some unknown kid appear from no where...n issac shows his scary fatty ghost foto oso...i missed the highlight of the evening cos got bad tummy ache n lum tells a not so farny joke n went leng2 chang3 n everyone laughs...mel n nich juz keep eating...shaun laughs thruout the treat...
den we cabbed to somewhere near Balestier Boon Tong Kee to sing karaoke...me n nich n mel shared one cab which mel paid...den we reach there n realised it's sing open house format...but we still sing n sing n sing after some drinks...nich pukes all over himself...shaun goes emotional...aDu screams non-stop into the mike whole night...alec dances to chinese oldies...weisheng smiles at himself...lum n yichung play pool while mel tours the world...dill is upset that he has a 2nd brother in shaun n takes care of everyone...issac steals some lady's bday song n sings the song twice n gets a hug in return...while i think of her...

Thursday, June 19, 2003

wah added loads stuff to mi blog man...many many thanks to dehan for his guidance but den wasted damn alot of time too man...
the hardcore brothers is finally established with terence tan leading e way...and co-founders including dehan...mugging is never the same anymore...woah cool!!! well time to sleep...seeya all tml hardcore bros

oh no Becks is leaving!!!
like i care...

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

you are marlin. You are nemos father. You are a
scared old clownfish who is way overprotective
over your son.

what character from finding nemo are you?
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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

eh brother...
im sorry abt wat i've said juz now that may piss u off...but i do mean wat i say n no one can help u unless u help urself...if u begin by telling urself that u cant make it den u'll NEVER make it...i used to think like u n haf been thinking of giving up too but wtf we aint supposed to be like that rite...
i noe u haf all ur troubles n shit cropping up but u cant forever juz drown in this shit n never pick urself up right...there's more to life than this brother...everyone has trouble n shit too but it's up to u to decide whether u wan to get out of it n shift ur focus to the obvious stuff...ur 'A's are so darn important pls pls study man...im not here to be some idiot to bug u or watever...u choose ur own path in life brother n no matter wat i'll always be behind u...but we aint in sec school anymore we dun haf much time left n in the end it's ur grades that count...sorry i sound like a pussy but it's this sudden realisation that we aint losers whu juz rot n die that inspired me...i talked to alot of pple today n whenever we mention u we're all concerned abt ur grades...no say mi grades can make it oso but we need to really wake up n chiong!!
it may not sound nice nor inspiring or watsoever but i really mean wat i say n watever u do pls remember we'll always be behind u...not juz me but the band of brothers...there's really more to life than wat's in front of us now...

btw thanks for ur super long entry in mi blog haha...

Monday, June 16, 2003

guess wat!!!! nich is here beside me now...
oh man that boy is in LoVe...so i decide to dedicate a beautiful song to mi beautiful brother...come some of the music...

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore and

he says 'can i write sth inside ur blog'
n i say 'yah yah yah'

nich: hey y'all.this is stupendously dumb.i refuse to have my own blog yet i'm writing in this bum's.he says it's a children's site so i cant use any other language.ga ga ga.all the children who get offended reading this should just click on tt little X at the top right hand corner of the screen.yup tt's it.go on.u can do it.use ur soft smooth teeny weeny fingers and press tt mouse dammit.
anyway wat jain said is true. i am. incredible isn't it.but all u kids aint gonna find out cos nich is king.muahaha.
seriously..(oh man this is gonna be his longest entry to date and it isnt even by him)..i've FALLEN heavily on my ass and am finding it difficult to get back up again.decipher tt on ur own.but i'm wondering wat i should do wit my work.i mean it's all good falling for someone,but inevitably it's gonna take ur mind off work right.wat with my horrendous grades so far in college.i'm scared.of all the red marks and of failure.i hope she likes me.i do.
onto more light hearted stuff.man utd CANT be selling becks.NO WAY.he's been a red devil all his life and they're just gonna give him the stam treatment?he isnt as useless everyone thinks he is u know.i mean at least he can make other players wanna break metatarsals and scaphoids right.designer bones.or distract their wives.not like tt's gonna do much but still..
but i hope kewell joins.he's top class.quality.but tt ronaldinho can piss off and bite corn with those teeth of his.an absolute bunny he is.looks exactly like ronaldo himself.he cant make it in the epl la tt's wat i think.he's gonna break both his metatarsal and scaphoid and then everything else.vieira's absolutely gonna EAT him.oh the owner of this blog is quite obviously a newcastle fan.i think newcastle's got quite a good team but shearer's an old dog already and with bellamy finding the goal a tad too small for his liking i wonder where they're gonna get the goals from.so they can suck it. man u's gonna jack next season.
i hope totti stays with the giallorossi.roma have had a bad season but he IS roma.so he has to stay.or at the very least go to man u.then sure jack already.

enuff soccer.wow this is real long.he should pay me for this entry u know.he's a real chum of mine.oh see tt list of names with numbers beside them below?
tt's our team.see my name?haha i'm real proud of e team.we're all chummy and a real band of brothers.even though we're all from assorted schools..rj, hc,vj,nj,yj, it says sth bout our frenship since ri days right.and the camaraderie is even tighter after we started playing together.not tt we never played together but it was never against other teams.so when we started playing FOR each other it became apparent tt we bonded even closer.all you guys in BOTAK EXTENSION reading this..i love you guys.sound damn gay.not the i love you part but the name of our team haha sorry mian.
anyway do we have a match next wk?e choo should just stop missing sitters or else he can go play left back and i'll start banging in the goals instead.idiot.oh sidetrack..have you ever wondered why e name of this blog is 'comingup'?or why his email add is also 'comingup'?haha think bout it food for thought.the yah yah yah is really retarded too.sigh he's already 21!!!!and he's still like tt.haha tt's why we love him dun we?....cant u even lie??it's his blog for goodness' sake.haha

woah really damn long.guest star apearance.bye.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

oh man aint i supposed to be at the nite biking now??
well...too many of them tell me cannot make it the last minute la n somemore it's fathers' day all got dinner or sth la i guess i put it on the wrong date la n that dennis they all wat go party man told them not to go already still go den their parents pissed...partying is bad man...yah yah yah...so after so much time n effort i've put in n they still dun gif face man...
anyway e thing will be postponed to nex fri la...so if still nobody come mean really dun gif face liao la...
newae sally juz asked me to donate blood to her grandma at sgh...so any of u read this n wish to help pls inform her thanks millions

Saturday, June 14, 2003


Friday, June 13, 2003

You will die young, doing something daring.  Your death will be tragic.  Sorry.
Young. Really young. I'd say anywhere from 15-35.
But you'll go out with a bang. You'll get in a
car accident or be shot. You'll never have to
see yourself get old. Sad though. Really sad.
By the way, its common knowledge that more
people with great goals and aspirations die
young. And if you want to die old, you'll die
young and vice versa.

At what age will you die?
brought to you by Quizilla

Thursday, June 12, 2003

nich mi good fren today for the first time zong se qing!!!!
oh man n everyone scolds him...but to me he's still mi good brother...
n i say 'ur place in mi heart will stay...
nich says 'yah yah yah brother...
wat crap...but i was really disappointed when he chose to leave
how abt the soccer guys??
but we forgive

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

wah today go school study with nich toe n dennis
juz keep toking crap n dennis was caught zhuo1 jian1 zai4 chuang2 by shuen w toe...alamak
den shaun came n we went nich house w cannabis n tok a lot of crap oso
so now in nich house n going to eat
shaun say 'blog sucks la'
n i say 'yah yah yah shaun'

wat is this?
how like that how

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