Saturday, August 23, 2003

aiyah after the fight with adu haf to say sorry to du la was a moment of madness that i made his shirt so pink but brudders dun haf ge ye chou so hope u forgive me im so remorseful dude anyway another night of soccer haf to say the lighting is real bad man cant really differentiate the teams n the response was humongous! more than 30 pple turned up which overcrowded the netball court n everyone's psyched up so quite fun la amidst all the mugging we need to relax once a while is good la wah tml is the big match btw newcastle n man u wah psych up newcastle rules sure thrash them upside down bowyer will give r7 good man ok anyway very tired so it's time to sleep tata

Monday, August 18, 2003

'Alan Shearer came to the rescue as Newcastle fought back to open their Premiership campaign with a 2-2 draw at Leeds this afternoon. The former England captain, 33 last week, opened the scoring with a 19th-minute penalty but Peter Reid's men hit back through Mark Viduka and Alan Smith. But Shearer pounced with three minutes remaining to earn his side a share of the points.'

this's how the opening match for newcastle went...glad that shearer grabbed 2 goals at leeds but really think new shud have gotten more than juz a share of the points...dun blame bernard for giving away e 2nd goal everyone makes mistakes...GO BERNARD the team is behind you no matter what...it's onli the first match of the season n already there's so much at stake...hope newcastle does even better at st james' nex sat vs man u...fang ma guo lai!

Friday, August 15, 2003


Monday, August 11, 2003

to botakgang...

alloo allo guys!
wah haf to say that the defenders really played hard the other day...dillon n nich n liang were superb la...u guys run ur hearts out n really the defence was real solid in the 2nd half despite the 2 goals we let in...n like mian say we all make mistakes la like my that handball that gave the dude a free one-on-one chance which Wayne the man saved our ass n du was real pissed...yah i really think that the vietnam team's really very pro n disciplined n they're quite nice oso la...we muz learn from our mistakes n at the same time learn from them n jesus n confucius once said: qing chu yu lan (in english means green win blue) so yah teoh will lead the trainings after As but meanwhile heads up guys! pierre says we've lost the battle but not the war...we've lost to quality opposition...it's a team i truly respect but i guess we deserve the victory as much as they do for we really played our lungs out each n everyone of us runnning like cows on the pitch for the full 90minutes...the tackles the crams the blood the pain the headbutts the shuffling the e-hondas etc...all for the faith in botakgang...for the friendships that will last eternally...

for now...eveyone take off ur boots and take out ur notes...mug hard for a levels...we'll do well man!

n for mian...all the best...maureen is really sweet and she's an angel...i used to an4 lian4 her oso...jia1 you2 dude!


Sunday, August 03, 2003

oh man juz finished the botak homepage...took the whole night...
check it out today!
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