Saturday, September 27, 2003

if ure wondering how come the stupid pirate is doing here...go watch pirates n u'll aspire to become one man...

wah man nich is in my house again...after like 5 mths he finally turn up again...he's been away n the entity suffered irreparable damage since she came...why babayaro why why muz u steal mi entity den i cannot gay with him have to turn to issac the cutie while adu hardcore mugs for his s papers...

oh btw issac if ure reading this bring ball tml dude!!! yes! bring as many as u can we need it!

well newcastle gonna take on arsenal soon like in one hrs time hope robert gonna gif ashley cole good n qieh him until he sits down on his butt crying for his mudder...n botaks taking on chungcheng tml woohoo wat a match it's gonna be man kill those buggers...BOTAKS PSYCH UP
issac bring ball...

n mian ah mian...kuai4 jiao4 papa...haha kidding la dude...anyway really hope everything goes well for u la...u can move her heart wan trust me muz perservere...n patient cannot gif up u've come so far already...confucius and jesus once said 'good cow dun eat hui2 tou2 cao3' ...u can do it!

nich the bum say wat want to watch the match den come mi house n guess wat...he's sleeping snoring like a cow now...sigh n he took mi bed den i haf to slp floor liao...babayaro how like that how??

Thursday, September 25, 2003

oh man prelims are over! finally!!! altho it din seem to be v long juz 2 weeks...before getting those reslts muz first enjoy la...looking forward to the re match vs the stupid davids team nex week...dunoe if kadir got arrange with the vietnam team this weekend juz look forward to more n more soccer n reunite with the botaks!

yah yah yah muz dedicate this entry to mi good fren MIAN whu has been in distress since the prelims started he's been troubled and dejected and rejected and been writing things tt dun make sense on the botakgang blog n all the botaks are so worried man...mian we all give u a hand each dun break down man since u'll be having ur last paper tml will be over soon...den u can action again haha will be supporting u all the way

mian...actually im still ur real father

n the nich ar he today zong se qing again lor say want to train soccer wan den last minute pull out say wan to go out...nich i understand la...den issac n i jiu4 zhi2 hao3 gay le

Saturday, September 20, 2003

very long never write liao...anyway now is exam time so muz focus focus...so wat do u do when u cant focus? stilll must focus...yah yah yah
anyway to any wu liao pple out there...
Imagine you are in a sinking rowboat surrounded by sharks. How would you survive?

Thursday, September 18, 2003

  • BOTAK homepage - the LATEST n HOTTEST!!!

  • botak hmpage newly updated...

    Wednesday, September 17, 2003

    the good abt not taking 4 subs is tt u get to slack until next monday

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